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WHO BENEFITS from AmeriKids Gymnastics Program?

The Kids . . .

Safe, progressive and exciting competition at local, multi-state and national levels
More levels, age groups and divisions at AmeriKids competitions – more awards
National competition for compulsory and optional gymnasts – boys and girls
Fun at all levels

The Coaches . . .

Sound gymnastics instruction program founded on basic progressions
Continuous input to the program to benefit your gymnasts
New and innovative competitions introduced periodically
Special awards at the National Championships
Continuous access to the web for AmeriKids information
Relaxed, friendly competitions

The Parents . . .

Reduced costs for gymnastics participation
Reduced costs for registration of your gymnasts
Potentially spend less time at the gym
Shorter competition sessions

The Gym Program Owners . . .

Affordable comprehensive insurance program protecting you
Registration of your instructors and coaches included with your club membership
Reduced costs for competition sanctions
Increased profit potential by taking care of the recreational 85% of your gym
Staff instruction program for the development of sound team coaches
Business management seminars available


What makes the AmeriKids Competitive Program so unique? Our competitions focus on athletes who work out 6 hours or less per week! Our competitive program is for both boys' and girls' compulsory as well as optional athletes beginning with Level 1 in up to three divisions. Our Competition Advisory Committee has produced a set of rules and routines and music that are based on time honored progressions and our philosophy of competition for all children.

AmeriKids Gymnastics is providing an exciting option for competitive gymnasts and gymnastics clubs – a positive experience for all levels of gymnasts.


A member benefit, sanctioning your local or league meets with AmeriKids, will afford your organization the insurance benefits at a significant savings. In addition, all sanctioned events will be posted on our website so that member clubs will know of available AmeriKids competitions in their areas. All participants in a sanctioned event must be AmeriKids registered athletes.


AmeriKids business seminars offer sites around the country with group pricing and specific tracks of training for Preschool Teachers, School Age Class Teachers, Team Coaches, Office Staff and Owners.


AmeriKids offering you a place to post your gymnastics-related ads directed to and for the benefit of your fellow AmeriKids club members.