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Welcome to AmeriKids Gymnastics

Our Association was founded to improve the status, profitability, education and success of the "professional" gymnastics community. As benefits to joining our Association, we offer the finest preparatory competitive program in the country, the most cost effective total club insurance program on the market, and an education seminar series in reachable areas throughout the country. And, more benefits are being planned.

We are here to make the "profession" of gymnastics more professional. AmeriKids Gymnastics is an association of gymnastics professionals coming together for the express purpose of identifying areas of concern and issues of interest for our member programs and then to address these issues. We're glad to have you join us.

Mike Stanner – National Chairman
AmeriKids Gymnastics



AmeriKids Insurance Program


Sokol South Omaha Invitational

Sokol Souith Omaha Invitational Jan. 17 - 18, 2015

Boys level 3 - Optionals , Girls level 1 - Optionals

Sokol Auditorium 2234 South 13th St. Omaha NE 68108

ph 402-731-2665 email

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Heartland Invitational

Heartland Invitational Jan 23 - 25th 2015

Girls level AK1 - Optionals Boys AK3 - optionals

Platte College 4500 63rd St Columbus NE 68601

gym ph 402-564-4853 alt ph 402-910-4132 email

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Sokol Crete Gymnastics Meet

Sokol Crete Gymnastics Meet January 31, 2015

Boys Level AK 3 - Optionals , Girls Levels AK 1 - Optionals

Tuxedo Park 1407 Idaho Rd. Crete NE 68333

gym ph 402-826-4787  Alt ph 402-450-1069


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Fremont YMCA Frozen Invite

Fremont YMCA Frozen Invite Feb. 7-8 2015

Girls level AK1 - Optionals

Fremont YMCA Flyers

810 N Lincoln Ave Fremont NE 68025

gym ph 402-721-6952 email

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Chalk It Up Classic

Chalk It Up Classic Feb. 21 - 22, 2015

Girls level 1 - AO

Pioneer Gymnastics Academy

7545 Pioneers Blvd

Lincoln NE 68506

402-483-1304 gym 402-730-1304 alt 402-483-1375 fax

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Solid Rock N Roll Invitational

Solid Rock N Roll Invitational Feb. 27 - March 1, 2015

Boys levle 3 - 5 Girls level 1 - Open Opt.

Solid Rock Gymnastics

610 Hill St

Lincoln NE 68502

402-476-4774 gym 402-440-1310 alt

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IDE Invitational "Gamba"

IDE Invitational "Gamba" March 7, 2015

Boys level AK3 - Optionals Girls Level AK1 - optionals

1800 W Burlington Ave Fairfield IA 52556

Gym Ph 319-461-5200  Alt ph 319-694-2014


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